documentary film  |  90 min  |  in development  |  SK
written and directed by
Juraj Janiš
Barbara Janišová Feglová
with the financial support of
Slovak Audiovisual Fund
Adam Mach
Saša Slašťanová


Gabriel Švábenský’s greatest desire was something most of us don’t even think about – to be on the outside the same person he was inside. When he was born, he was assigned female gender and given the name Barbora. At seventeen, he decided to become a man and started the process of gender change; however, he did not complete it. Two years later he committed suicide. The tragedy of Gabriel’s story lies in the fact that his loved ones showed him love and support, they fully accepted his new identity and they were ready to help him on his journey any way they could, but it still was not enough. According to relevant estimates, there are 20,000 transgender people living in Slovakia. Only few of them talk about their lives openly, many have never seeked professional help and are left alone with their struggles. Despite the digital age, the extent of information about this topic is still quite limited and in the times of growing hatred towards the LGBTI community, it might be very difficult for many to openly identify with their life situation.