Martin Pollack: Looking Into the Abyss

documentary film  |  52 min  |  production  |  SK

"Every story must be told. No matter how painful it is.'

written by
Jakub Julény, Slavomír Sochor
directed by
Jaro Vojtek
Mária Ferenčuhová
Barbara Janišová Feglová
Zlatica Fulajtárová (RTVS)
Ivo Miko
Marek Bihuň
sound design
Michal Horváth


Prominent Austrian reporter Martin Pollack investigates the brutal actions of his biological father, whom he never knew. The courage to “look into the abyss” is given to Pollack by a sincere desire to restore the face of innocent people whose blood rested on his father’s hands. As the commander of the murderous Sonderkommando 7a, he also worked in Slovakia at the end of the war. We follow in the reporter’s footsteps with his Slovak translator, Michal Hvorecký. In the light of today and the approaching 80th anniversary of the SNP, we are uncovering historical connections and discovering the places of senseless ethnic cleansing, behind which was the sick Nazi ideology.