After Us, the Flood

documentary film  |  27 min  |  2022  |  SK

How do you want to continue?

Ján Štiffel, Dorota Vlnová
Dorota Vlnová
Barbara Janišová Feglová, Roman Pivovarník
Adriana Brossmannová, Patrik Gažo (BROZ), Tibor Horváth (RTVS)
Michal Fulier
Marek Šulík
Samuel Štefanec
sound design
Igor Jedinák
Marián Vredík


“Why is it so hot?” asks a young girl an online application. “It’s due to the climate crisis.” We don´t have to go to burning Australia or melting Antarctica to find the consequences of the climate crisis. We already feel them in our everyday lives wherever we live. The documentary After Us, The Flood explores the impacts of climate change on people and nature in Slovakia, a small landlocked country in Central Europe. The ice caves of Slovakia are fast melting, long-lasting droughts are destroying the crops and extreme heat threatens people´s health. But that’s not all. If we want to avoid the worst-case scenario each of us must answer a simple question: “How do you want to continue?”

"We still view climate change as something distant in space and time; something that doesn't really concern us. The title of the film After Us, the Flood also refers to this. So much information and so many possible solutions are available, and yet we do not act."
Dorota Vlnová, director