documentary film  |  80 min  |  2021  |  SK

"This is how I imagine a city on the Moon."

writer, director
Barbora Sliepková
Barbara Janišová Feglová
Nazarij Kľujev (ToxPro), Soňa Horváthová (RTVS)
Maxim Kľujev, Michal Fulier, Barbora Sliepková
Máté Csuport
Jonatán Pastirčák
sound design
Michal Horváth


Lines depicts the everyday hustle and bustle of contemporary Bratislava, an exemplary post-socialist city whose inhabitants cope with the constant grind of urban construction, collapsing traffic and rising housing prices, in addition to their own woes. Blanka is a woman in her 50s, as alone in her apartment as in her life. Matuš, a young and motivated activist, hopes to become a municipal councillor despite his lack of marketing savvy. A cool real estate agent sells the dream of a happy life through Bratislava apartments. Two road workers paint traffic markings and when their shift is over, they drink beer in their boarding rooms and ponder the indifference of the city inhabitants. Danko, a queer music composer, lives in the city center with his mother in a modest flat. He takes long walks, listening to urban sounds, trying to capture the rhythm around him.

"As is known, during the creative process, a documentary filmmaker must step closer to people. In order for protagonists to share their intimacy, I must open myself to them. This is a line I cross every time I film."
Barbora Sliepková, director