Unsung Heroes

documentary series  |  6 x 26 min  |  2018  |  SK

Who, if not us? When, if not now?

writers, directors
Marek Franko, Dominik Jursa, Barbora Sliepková, Lena Kušnieriková, Jana Bučka, Lenka Moravčíková-Chovanec
Barbara Janišová Feglová
Tibor Búza (RTVS)
Michal Fulier, Radka Šišuláková
Michal Lipa
Martin Barabáš
sound design
Miloš Fedor


Indifference and corruption are the culprits of many ills in our society. They abound in almost every sphere of our lives. We have less healthcare for the same insurance amount as in neighboring countries, our smartest brains are fleeing abroad because they want quality education. We watch on as nature and natural resources are being destroyed. We are waiting for it to change.

"We were interested in the stories of personal courage of people who were not afraid to stand up to unfair practices in the education, healthcare or public administration sectors. Unlike the silent majority, these people took a stand and did not give up despite adverse circumstances. They became an inspiration for us. They are the heroes among us."
Barbara Janišová Feglová, producer