The Golden Land

documentary film  |  63 min  |  2020  |  SK

Action is the best defense.

writer, director
Dominik Jursa
Barbara Janišová Feglová
Filip Fleischer (FLEISCHER Production), Soňa Komová (RTVS)
Dominik Jursa, Maxim Kľujev, Michal Furda, Peter Važan, Boris Gomolčák, Martin Tokár, Radka Šišuláková, Jozef Čábo, Pavol Wolf
Lucia Kopáčková
Martin Barabáš
sound design
Alexander Bori


Set on the backdrop of a seemingly unassuming dispute between the citizens of three small villages in Eastern Slovakia and a big American oil company, we observe how the voice of an individual transforms from a droll yelp to a fundamental attitude towards life. The earth is full of treasures, yet everyone sees values in something else. For the locals, true wealth lies in simple cohabitation with the earth, for investors it lies hundreds of meters below it. The locals are bound by the desire to protect their sanctuary, the investors want to drill for oil. What will the outcome of this clash be and who will reap what?

"My film does not want to investigate the truth of one side or the other. I tried to depict the fates of people who found themselves in a situation, where their own internal convictions made them take action."
Dominik Jursa, director