The Commune

documentary film  |  88 min  |  2020  |  SK, CZ

The past is constantly ahead of us.

Jakub Julény, Pavel Smejkal
Jakub Julény
Barbara Janišová Feglová
Soňa Komová (RTVS), Radim Procházka (Background Films)
Peter Važan, Juraj Mravec, Michal Koštenský
Marek Bihuň, Peter Morávek
Miroslav Tóth
sound design
Miroslav Tóth


The desire for freedom in Communist Czechoslovakia led to the formation of a group of individuals who professed an inclination towards the principles of the underground movement. They became outsiders by their own choice, so that they could live freely. Today, they live predominantly in the past, unable to overcome suspicions of betrayal in the form of cooperation with the secret police. Throughout their story drifts the spirit of their tragically departed guru. In an effort to come to terms with the past, an old companion organizes a revival concert. Will these freethinkers reach a truce?

"I consider the manner in which the communist establishment pervaded the private lives of my parents’ generation the pinnacle of treachery from this political mechanism. What interests me is how long it will take or if it is even possible to come to terms with this kind of totalitarian heritage."
Jakub Julény, director